Photos in the snow? Here's 7 tips on how to get the best from them

The snow is just the perfect excuse for getting outdoors and making use of your camera, but it also has the potential to mess with your photographers mojo. So, here are some tips that should turn your pictures from mewh to wow.

1.  Dress for the conditions. Seems obvious, but easily missed.

2. Keep your camera cold. This might sound counter-intuitive, but pulling your camera out from under your warm coat into the cold can cause condensation which could at least ruin your picture and at worst, damage the camera.

3. Keep a spare battery. Batteries run out much faster in cold weather.

4. Over expose your image. In auto-mode your camera will see all that white and think bright light, bright light and therefore reduce the exposure to compensate.  This is not good as the snow will come out grey. By over-exposing a little you will make the whites much whiter and get a much better looking shot. To do this, you will have to...

5. Shoot in manual. This will allow you to change the exposure in quickly and easily.

6. Warm the camera up slowly. Again, to reduce the risk of condensation. if you brought home in a bag, leave it in there for a while to let it slowly come to room temperature

7. Add a little snap to the shots. Throw in some contrast and reduce the blacks in your images by using processing software. It will really make them stand out.

Follow these steps and I'm sure you will be happily rewarded for your day in the cold.